AAAOPG Dog Wedding Featured On Metromix With Schmitty The Weather Dog

Bark to say I do! Scenes from the tail-wagging puptials of Ginger and Swizzle.

Just when you think you have seen everything in New York, a sidewalk dog wedding happens. Held out front at the American Academy of Pet Grooming, the “puptials” between bride Ginger (a Japanese Chin) and groom Swizzle Stick (an adopted shelter dog known simply as Swizzle) attracted dog-loving guests and their four-legged companions, who received wedding favors from Evermore Pet Food and Sturdi travel bowls.

The Invitation

Decked out in custom designs by Ada Nieves, Ginger and Swizzle strutted down the aisle, as guests sang “What a Wonderful World.” NYU professor Susan Stehlik officiated and welcomed everyone to the ceremony. The canine cuties had already exchanged collars, but Ginger and Swizzle’s owners–Gloria Dare and Rachel Hirschfeld respectively–gave brief speeches espousing unconditional love and compassion–all qualities that their pets had taught them. It was an honest moment in the afternoon’s canine carnival.

The Bride and Groom

After the 20-minute ceremony, guests were treated to cake and champagne to toast the paw-fect pair, who aren’t set to live together, but seem destined now to have many future play dates.

September 25, 2010

Written by Jessie Pascoe
Photos by Natasha Ryan

Press coverage by Metromix New York.

Ginger and Swizzle