AAOPG Doggy Daycare Featured In The Metro

AAOPG Doggy Daycare Featured In The Metro

Dog-gone good time!

Whether it’s a FiFi, Fido, or Killer you love, you have to admit leaving them alone five days a week rips your heart out.  The American Academy of Pet Grooming has a solution to your guilt: doggy daycare, and why not give them a little trim while they are there?

The academy opened as a pet shop eight years ago.  In the process of building a pet loving clientele, owner Ilys Posner identified a need for trained groomers in the city.  Now, as one of only three grooming schools in the state, the academy uses state-of-the-art equipment to train professional groomers in the most progressive styling techniques.  Students sign up for either 150 or 250 hours and spend much of that time actually grooming their furry friends.  Cats and dogs alike are welcome to come in for a pampering.

If you are just looking to cheer your pup up, bring it in for a day of romping and roving with some of the other daycare doggies.  They take only six dogs a day, and as Posner will tell you, “I get a lot of regulars.”  Some canines enjoy extended holidays with their boarding program when they need a break from their owners.  So when your best friend is looking mangy or depressed when you walk out the door on a Wednesday morning, keep the American Academy of Pet Grooming in mind and give your furry friends a treat!  Peruse the academy’s full suite of offerings at www.aaopg.com.

American Academy of Pet Grooming, Inc.
202 East 25th
Corner of 3rd Avenue