American Academy of Pet Grooming Curriculum

One of the most important lessons in pet grooming is learning by doing, not later on the job.A� With individualized attention, you will learn.A� All of our instructors are experienced groomers.A� They will teach you grooming and share their field experience.A� You will be prepared to develop your own client base.A� We also have guest lectures from professional groomers in the metropolitan area and field trips to local shops, the AKC Library, Westminster Dog Show, and Intergroom Show.A�

But, bottom line, you will learn by doing.

Questions?A� Please read the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions.

The Basic Program

  • Introduction to dog grooming
  • Hands on grooming
  • Equipment care
  • Basic grooming techniques
  • First Aid
  • Flea and tick evaluation and treatment
  • Breed recognition
  • Dog anatomy
  • Identification of skin disorders
  • Dental care
  • Styling techniques
  • Field trips including shops, Westminster, and Intergroom
  • Dog handling and control
  • Bite prevention techniques
  • Bathing, drying, brushing, combing, and dematting of coat
  • Scissor control and clipper use

The Advanced Master Pet Stylist Program

  • Everything in the Beginner Program PLUS…
    • Pattern setting
    • Blending
    • Shaping
    • Shop management:
    • Business planning
    • Customer relations
    • Field trips
    • Planning your grooming purchases
    • Receiving client’s dogs
    • Flea and tick evaluation and treatment
    • Dental care


Total for Florinef tablets price in pakistan Basic Program: $5,804.44
Total for Advanced Master Pet Stylist Program: $7,304.44


Registration: $100.00 (non-refundable)
Professional Equipment Kit: $650.00 plus $54.44 tax (non-refundable)
Basic Program Tuition: $5,000.00 for 150 Hours
Advanced Master Pet Stylist Program Tuition: $6,500.00 for 250 Hours